Single with Cats

Somewhere in the midst of life and all the goings on of everyday things, I found myself divorced.

This is definitely not the middle age that I imagined… shotlanskogo-2934720_1920

For me, this time in my life was supposed to be about comfort and enjoying the companionship of the love of my life. Now, though, that man is gone and happily pursuing his own dreams without me.

Hurt? Yes. Angry? Oh, yeah. Scared? A bit.

Life has a way of kicking you in the pants and knocking you down to your knees. The key is learning to rise back up, dust off your scuffed shoes, and settle back into your day. Because we only have this one life, and faith can help keep us going, step by step.

Besides, I have a whole clowder of cats who rely on me. We’ll certainly face our struggles–with claws and possibly a little humor–but that’s just how it is. Living the single, middle-aged life with a bunch of cats.